Kids' B-day Photo Albums

My sister, Karen, inspires me and many moms
with her fun ideas for kids.

She shared the idea of making a b-day photo album book.
You get a 4X6 photo album, and
put in 1-2 pictures each year of your kids' b-days and cakes.

I included their actual birth day photo and their baptism photo too.

I decided to make and give these to my kids this year for Valentine's.

The idea seemed simple enough.

But, then it wasn't!

Before blogging where are all my photos????

I went through boxes of family history papers, photos, and stuff
to try to find those early b-day photos of my older children.
(Now, I believe in blogging even more.
I have a great documentation of our family that I can find easily.)

Also, my sister Karen and I laughed,
will we really keep up and put in each picture
in the future of each kid's b-days???

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