A little of our Valentine's this year

I tried this dinner for our family.
I've been craving it ever since I saw it on tv last fall.
We all enjoyed it.

I tried this delicious frosting, on our red velvet cupcakes. 
I sprinkled them with a little cinnamon and red sugar.
mmmmmmm . . . .
Chris and I were happy to just watch the Olympics this year.
I'm thankful to have a Valentine to watch it with and cook for.

Sadie had her own vision for her Kindergarten valentines' this year:
White cards, with cut out wrapping paper hearts on top.
A sucker on the inside with her name, and a white circle sticker to close them with.
Kyle is easy to please. He had no interest in pinning Valentine ideas.
Last year I grabbed some boxed sets of Valentines on clearance at Target.
Kyle just picked from the stash - dinosaur etchings.

Tate's class made valentines in class this year. Easy.

Lindy looked up ideas on Pinterest, and found this idea:
She made them herself.
Luckily, we had oreos and straws at home all ready,
so it was easy valentine to put together without running extra errands.
We picked up the bags at Michael's.

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Karen said...

Holy Cow, fancy dinner!!! Yum. Sadie's valentine's are so cute. Love them. Haylee made her own too. Love tate's teacher for making them at school. Wonderful, and Lindy's are adorable. Way to go Kyle, go with the flow.