Remember December











1. Christmas PJ's came out Thanksgiving Weekend.
2. Lindy and her school friend were in a wreath decorating contest. They placed 2nd.
Lindy used a glue gun for the contest. She may have a glue gun talent, so she got one for her b-day.
3. We made a new Christmas cookie recipe using candy canes and junior mints. YUM!
Recipe on pg. 238 from the Savoring our Seasons cookbook.
4. Sadie spent many hours making salt dough christmas cut-outs and painting them.
5. Lindy and Kyle competed against each other in our school geography bee.
(Lindy won to compete for State again.)
6. Lindy, Kyle, and Tate had piano concerts.
7. Buddy the elf did goofy things at our house each day in December.
( I think he was suppose to be checking in on our kids' behavior for the month, but he played too much.
No wonder he wasn't welcome at the North Pole this year.)
8. Tate's school choir concert was about a warm Christmas,
 a good foreshadowing of what was to come for our family for Christmas.
I'm lovin' Tate's suit choice for the concert, but not so much the shirt hanging out.
9. Lindy had a orchestra concert for clarinet, she's behind the flute.
10. We did a countdown to Christmas with scriptures and symbols on our fridge.
11. We had a family Christmas party with my sisters.
We colored, ate, chimed, and built snowmen.
12. Lindy made a gingerbread house. Kyle a forest.
13. Our real tree dried and shriveled up by mid Dec. even though we watered it.
Back to an artificial tree next year.
14. We took our 3 older kids to see The Piano Guys.
(Incentive for them to keep practicing.)
It was an amazing concert we all enjoyed it.
15. Present opening the night before we leave for Hawaii.

The kids Santa wishes this year were:
Lindy: floating globe
Kyle: watch
Tate: hexbugs
Sadie: magic carpet
Brandon: Blue Ball

Phew. . .I think I survived December, and the fall time.
Now, I just want to sleep through January.
Once school starts at the end of Aug. I run from thing to thing until Jan. 1st.


Rebecca said...

I love seeing your picture journal of such a merry month and season, thanks for posting them all!

Janis said...

What great events you had; thanks for sharing in such a Kreative way!