Have you checked out FamilySearch.org recently?

It's AMAZING, and FUN! familysearch.org

It's all for FREE. You do need to sign in, and open an account with your name and birthdate,
so the the website can look up your family names. Here's the register page on the site.

You can print out a fan chart of you and your family. Easy Peasy!
It's modern, graphic, and cool looking.
Fun wall decor for your home or an easy gift for a family member.

You can look at your family tree, and see how far back your ancestors go. Into the 1700's? 1600's?

You can upload a photo of yourself onto the site, or of your children, or any family member. The photo(s) become part of your family tree. Most of the time you'll find your long lost cousin or other relatives have already uploaded photos of your great grandparents and other relatives. Way cool! I love this part.

You can also upload a family group photo, and then tag the people in the group from the photo.
You can also post a story about yourself, childhood, your parents or grandparents, etc.
You can even upload a document, letter, birth certificate, etc. It's AWESOME!

The amount of fun you can have on the site is endless, and addictive! Seriously!
Forget blogging, Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, or whatever we do!
FamilySearch is all that and more. It's much more interesting, enjoyable, and worth my time.
Guilt-free screen time is my favorite thing, and Familysearch is that.
I've tried it with my kids, it has struck their imaginations.
I'm excited like never before to begin documenting our family history.

Have fun with it!

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Kathy said...

I too love it!