Summer is Winding Down

The kids and I got our last snow-cones of the summer.

School starts up next week.
I'm excited for me and them.

Our Summer:
I painted my kitchen walls from red to neutral.
Brandon was toilet trained. Yeah! No more DIAPERS!
We went to UT to celebrate my grandpa's 90th.
Chris became an IronMan.
Tate caught mountain frogs, stowed them in his socks, and
now we have frogs as pets in our backyard.
We went to a circus, biked, and bowled.
Lindy filled her social calendar.
We got back to school clothes, and probably spent too much.
We watched tv shows, and Kyle enjoyed minecraft.
We did the library reading program.
We camped and got bitten alive.
We celebrated the 4th with the newlyweds.
Lindy and Kyle had a grandparents week in OR. AWESOME.
They flew home on an airplane all by themselves.
Soccer season is already in full swing for Lindy and Kyle.
My time is spent with my church calling as a Young Women's Leader.
I went to girls camp and came home with camp flu.
Chris got a new machine for his dental office, the E-4D.
He can make crowns for your teeth in his office on the same day.
But, one of our beloved hygienists for his office is fighting cancer,
Not Cool.
My sister, Sally had a new baby. My other sister, Karen came to visit for a week.
We spent too much money in the theaters to watch Turbo and Despicable Me 2.
We tried to get the kids to do some extra work around the house for cash.
Tate cleaned the fridge, Kyle stained a bench.

And on and on it goes.

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