Back to School Jitters

Another school year is underway.
Hip Hip Hooray! I survived the summer.

Tate, 2nd Grade,
Mrs. Makaafi
Tate's new runnin' shoes.

Kyle, 4th Grade,
Mrs. Schwer
Kyle wore a super bright shirt, so everyone could see him the first day.

His new 'cool' shoes.

Lindy, 6th grade,
Mr. Fife
This is Lindy's last year as an elementary student.
I had to force her to take this shot.
She was in a hurry, and felt it wasn't necessary to
take a 1st day photo.
She also has her 1st pimple this week.
I did not take a close-up that for you.

Sadie, Kindergarten,
Mrs. Coslett
Sadie, was more than happy to
pose for her photos.
She requested that we put sparkle dust on her face for the first day.
She also used her sparkle lotion and sparkle perfume.
Sadie has afternoon kindergarten, which is quite a bit after lunch.
She has been ready to go every morning with her backpack and shoes on. 

Sadie's fave shoes of all time.
Glitter, sparkle shoes.
We're on her 2nd pair already.

Brandon, the stay-at-home kid.
What will we do all day together?
I can dream, right?


Karen said...

That is quite the crew!!! They all look so good! I love both descriptions about Sadie and lindy! I think it's so fun that all four go to the same school!

Kathy said...

Awesome! They look great! Now how about a picture of the Mom? You'll love being with Brandon. He will be your special buddy.