What will you watch on TV tomorrow?

I'm hoping to watch Sis. Monson's funeral on BYUTV.
It will also be streamed online too.
I always feel badly when a prophet loses his spouse.
I think their wives provide great strength to them.
The more I learn about Sis. Monson the more I stand in awe at her many sacrifices,
throughout her whole married life.

On a happier note,
my kids, and our whole family
are enjoying some great shows on BYUTV.

We all love Studio C.
A clean comedy show.
I love watching my kids laugh uncontrollably.
It makes me laugh every time too.

My kids have gotten into Granite Flats.
It's really great watching clean, tv shows as a family.

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Janis said...

Loved the funeral, love Granite Flats, love lots of other shows on BYU TV. We are fans!!