An Organization Tip or Two

 It used to just be a door.
A door in our entryway.

Then, I got an over-the-door shoe organizer to place on the inside.
Suddenly, it was more than a door.
It became something cool, something useful.

It was so simple, so easy to do.
It didn't require any drilling or using tools.
It was put together in 5 min. 

I've been in this home for years now,
why did it take me this long to do this idea?

Now, I go around looking at all my doors,
deciding which door is going to get one next.
It doesn't even have to store shoes.
It could hang on your pantry door, or your bathroom doors for all kinds of things.
When in doubt, pick a clear shoe organizer. Clear is always better.
Don't delay go get one of these tomorrow.

My next tip, is to hole punch your Christmas cards.
Then, get one of those office rings, and put all your 2012 Christmas cards on it.
Use it each year for your cards.
It's a super, fast, cheap way to keep your cards and enjoy looking at them each year.

I didn't come up with this idea. It's floating around somewhere.
A blog, or pinterest, I can't remember where.

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