An October to Remember . . .

Tate turned 7.

One of Chris' high school friends from Germany stayed with us for a few days.

We watched General Conference.
This is my house after 2 days of General Conference with 5 children.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I turned 37!
I celebrated with a date with my husband-
I went to his dental office and had a filling filled.
No photo of that, though.

I took Brandon and Sadie to the preschool field trip.

I went to Utah for a girls-only-weekend with all my sisters, my mom,
most of my girl cousins, and their moms. It was so fun.
No husbands and kids were allowed. We rented a house for a weekend.
We talked, talked, laughed, talked, cried, talked, shared, ate, crafted, and talked some more.

Chris and I left the kids for a few days and escaped to San Francisco!
It was giddy fun, I tell you.
We appreciate, Chris' mom, watching the kids.
We loved the get-a-away.
We saw the row houses from the tv show, Full House.
We rode bikes over the golden gate bridge, on a foggy evening.

We went on a 'Rockin' boat ride of the bay.
It was fast and furious, and of course we got wet!
We rode the trolley cars,
ate good food,
and saw plenty of interesting things throughout the streets of the city.

We took our family through the Boise temple open house.
Loved it!

We carved pumpkins.
Kyle got a 97 pounder pumpkin to carve this year from a friend.
Chris brought out the electric saw this year to carve.
Brandon got into the spirit of carving by doodling on his.

Kyle turned 9.
He requested a repeater cake from the game, Plants vs. Zombies.
All the cousins came over to celebrate!

Halloween came and went.
Lindy was a Boise State cheerleader
Sadie was a ghost
and Strawberry Shortcake!
Kyle was a Vampire
Tate was a zombie character from Plants vs. Zombies
Brandon was Elmo, and hasn't stopped eating candy since Trick-or-Treating.
He has discovered all his siblings' hiding places for their candy bags.

The boys and their loot. They scored this year.
Sadie promptly went to work organizing her candy.

And now were in full swing with November, and Thanksgiving is next week. . . How did that happen?


Karen said...

Ok now I know why you didn't blog all month!! I am so overwhelmed just reading this!! You are amazing to me! Truly!! Glad to have you back blogging. Let's hope for a calmer next couple of months!! With holidays here good luck :)

Stacey said...

Glad you guys got a weekend getaway, looks fun! Love all the costumes, everyone looks great!

Laura said...

Whew!! Busy month! But so much fun! Love all the pictures.