Sadie fixes her Hair, talks about pumpkin pie and F.H.E.

Sadie spent a long time fixing her hair  -
 all by herself.

When we got our first Costco pumpkin pie of the season over the weekend,
Sadie couldn't wait to get home and have her first bite.
At the table, when she was eating her pie she said,
"It's so flavory!"

I couldn't agree more.
Pumpkin pie is so flavory.

We were asking Sadie last night about what some things mean.
We asked her, "What does Family Home Evening mean?"
She yelled with a big smile because she was excited she knew the answer,
"BE QUIET, it means BE QUIET!"

Yep, that's what it means at our house.
How about at your house?


Laura said...

Ha ha...I think this is my favorite post ever.

I love the hair, I love the new word "flavory" ...totally using that word from now on!, and I love the association between FHE and quiet. So funny.

Sally said...

Adorable as always!

MollyE said...

This is so cute!! We figured out that Nathan thinks we are having Family Home Eating. It does sound like that, poor thing has been disappointed for months! He finally was able to express this to us last night and it was sad and cute at the same time.

AmyMak said...

Happy Birthday to Katie, today! Hope it was great.