5, 3, and 1

First Day of School TODAY!

 It felt like Christmas Morning and Mother's Day for me!

I'll have 3 in all day school. 
Sadie starts Pre-school next week.
I'll be down to just 1 kid a couple times a week.

WOW, this is exciting!
Do you think I'll move past loading the dishwasher and loading the washing machine?
Maybe, I'll actually put the dishes away and fold the load.
Chris is wondering why I'm so giddy.
"Why are you so excited to send your kids off to school?"

 Lindy, 5th Grade
Mrs. Gilliland
 Kyle, 3rd Grade
Do you like his new belt?
Kyle is also sporting his new bike lock.

 Tate, 1st Grade
Mrs. Pachner
Tate did his own hair, Actually, I think Kyle helped him.
Do you like the hairstyle?
I'm worried it made the wrong 1st impression for his teacher.

They're all back from school and were excited to say they had a great day,
were glad to be back at school, and made new friends.
Tate didn't like lunch, though, and he said the day was a little boring and babyish.
He already knew everything his teacher explained today.
At least, Tate had a sportin' hair-do.

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MollyE said...

YOur kids looked so great! You were giddy, I can personally attest to that. I love Kyle's belt. Lindy's outfit was amazing. Tate's hair was the best. Fabulous!