Water Fun with Uncle Ryan

A couple weekends ago we were lucky to have Uncle Ryan
come and visit with us.
We did lots of water activities.
It was a great, wet time!

We love when Uncle Ryan comes to town.
He's cool and the kids love to be with him.

Except when he has a large water gun in his hands.

Do you see Uncle Ryan's sneaky grin?
Watch OUT!

Teaching cousin Mitchell how to waterski

Kyle and cousin, T.K. surfing?!

Cousin Anders enjoying the water.

There goes Tate, he's up on 2 skis!

The good looking' husband, Chris, and our son, Kyle.

Cousin Mitchell

Our daughter, Lindy, floatin' on the River

Cousin T.K. learns to waterski

Cool Photo of Uncle Ryan

Kyle gives waterskiing a try too!

River Raftin'
Sadie enjoying the float
Tate and Lindy love it too!

Uncle Ryan looks like a pro!

Getting Ready for the Family Photo

Those Family Photos

What a great group, we're all a little soggy and wet.
I love Brandon refusing to sit for the photo.

Brandon in his water gear!

Part of the gang hangs out on shore.

 Lindy loved waterskiing 

Gorgeous Canyons in the Summer.

Thanks for the visit Ryan,
We loved it!

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