Coeur D' Alene

We just got back from a recent trip to Coeur D' Alene, Idaho.

It's beautiful there, with gorgeous trees and lakes.
We went as a family for my husband to attend a dental conference.
We stayed at the beautiful Coeur D' Alene resort.
My sister, Karen lives in the area too, and we were able to enjoy her family.

My favorite thing to do was to swim at the resort's outdoor pool and private beach.
It was gorgeous and a fun pool to use. The pool has an infinity edge so it looks awesome.

Lindy and Kyle in the pool

Enjoying the Lake

 I couldn't believe how clear the Lake was.
I loved it.

You can walk to a great Fort Park for kids from the resort.
 My cute sister, Karen.
We tried to keep cool under a tree.
It was an unusually hot and humid day.
 Her daughter Haylee, and my daughter Sadie are great friends.
Tate hangin' out
 Cousin Haylee must take important calls at the park.
Brandon preferred eating and drinking than playing.
 Cousin Hunter preferred walking out of the park again and again.
 Lindy felt she was too old for the park, but thought the tire swing was fun after all.

After we were TOO HOT from the park we walked to the nearest frozen yogurt shop.

 Kyle a little too excited to pose for the camera.

Later that night we went on a Pirate Cruise

Kyle joined the Pirate gang!

The treasure

Fighting over the Treasure, of course, those Pirates!
Sunset from the cruise.

We also spent some time at Silverwood the theme park in the area.

Find my kids in this photo:

 Sadie riding on the coaster in the back with Dad

 Chris loves it too!
 Is Brandon excited to go on rides? Yes or No?

The "Look-Out" stop on our drive to Northern Idaho.
(Brandon as usual not willing to stay still for a photo.)

A good trip. The kids had a great time, the jury is still out to decide if it was a vacation for me.


Karen said...

Well vacation or not, we are sure glad you were able to come!!! We had so much fun seeing you guys and hanging out for a couple of days!!

MollyE said...

Wow, great pictures! That pool looks amazing. I might go just for that!