What are your 4 things?

I read this post. and this quote stuck out for me:

"My friend Barbara (you all know Grannybabs, right? She's awesome) suggested this absolute gem on her blog, "Specialization is the key to appearing competent." Memorize that. It's a great homemaking tip. Barbara says she knows how to sew aprons and make homemade mac and cheese, pumpkin cookies, and jam. That's it! But she's really good at those things and people think she's a very  snazzy homemaker. Find your four things and live your life. This is a true pearl of wisdom. Thanks Barbara!"

I love it and find it inspiring.

Find 4 things you are really great at doing.
It could be anything.

Then be happy with yourself, and let the rest go.
Don't worry about everything else.

I thought about my 4 things.

1. I'm great at making Cold Cereal

2. I'm good at being a Mormon

3. I'm good at shopping at Target

4. I'm good at using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my walls for cleaning house

Now, you will all think I'm a snazzy homemaker, wife, and mother.
So simple.

What are your 4 things?

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Karen said...

Hahaha very clever. My first thing is I'm good at making a very simple craft with haylee every day. Second, I'm good at making my house look clean by not having clutter out. Third, I love running errands( target, hobby lobby, Costco) fourth, im good at reading lots and lots of stories around here with the kids. Whaa laa! I'm a snazzy homemaker! Just don't ask about laundry, deep cleaning, meal time, or ironing!