This will solve all your problems

Ever since my Christmas salon manicure,
I've been on a quest to paint my nails more regularly.

My goal was to paint my nails every Sat. night.
I wanted a quick at home manicure that would last 6-7 days.
And something I could do myself.

I purchased different top coats, nail polishes,
researched online, and talked with clerks at beauty-supply stores.
I even bought a special uv curing light, and then returned it.
I painted my nails each week, and experimented to see what lasted.

I found the solution:

Use Sally Hansen
Xtreme Wear nail color.

Paint 2 coats over your clean, bare nails.

Wait 2 minutes.

Then use the Sally Hansen
Insta-Dri, Anti-Chip Top Coat.

Your nails will be totally dry in about 1 min,
and your home manicure will last about 6-7 days.

Special Notes:
There are lots of different ideas and ways to do a home manicure.

I like my method because it's quick and easy.
I only use 2 products.
I don't use a base coat.
There are lots of different Sally Hansen products.
Look for the Xtreme Wear if you want a long lasting manicure.
The Xtreme Wear line of colors is about $3 or less,
a good price for a quality nail product.

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Janis said...

When I first saw the title of your blog post, I thought it was going to be about General Conference! But polish is right up there too!!