Sometimes you lose,

and sometimes . . . .

you WIN!

Even if it's just by 100th's of a second or two.
It was very, very close.

Way to go Kyle and Chris!
It's hard to know who was more excited.
Dad or Kyle?

This weekend, after the race, Chris and I were going over some 
house projects that needed attention.
The 'honey-do' list.
When I explained, that maybe, I should hire a handy man, because of some neglected projects.
Chris became defensive, claiming,
"I've been busy doing other things, like helping my son win the pinewood derby."
This made me chuckle.

Poor Tate and Brandon, the bar has been set too high, now.
Poor Chris, he has a lot of work ahead of him over the next couple of years.
Poor me, now 'the honey-do' list has just became longer.


AmyMak said...

very exciting, very cute!

Sally said...

Can't believe how close they all were! Way to go Kyle and Chris!