A couple things to share with you

Make sure to stock up on your Forever stamps.
The cost of stamps goes up Jan. 22nd.
More details here.

Forever stamps means you can use them forever.
If you buy forever stamps after Jan 22nd then you will pay the new stamp increase.

My new favorite song:
Free, by the band Graffiti6.
Google it, youtube it, playlist it, iTunes it, etc.
Listen to it.

An interesting blog about a young mother with only 1 arm.

I like watching the new tv show The Firm on NBC.
Do you?
Chris says it's already predictable.
I don't mind, I'm enjoying it.
It might have something to do with Josh Lucas as the main lead.

We've been going through tv decisions at our house?
Should we have more than 1 tv?
We don't subscribe to cable, dish, directv, etc.
Every so often we wonder if we should.
We do netflix, but it only seems good for the kids.
Should we hulu or roku?
If you don't have any idea what hulu or roku is.
That's a good thing,
that means you are more focused on more important things.

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Kristen said...

I am liking The Firm so far. I love any show that has anything to do with crime, law, mystery, etc. so it is right up my alley. I always enjoy checking in on your blog. You always have something fun to read about!