The trick or treaters & Kyle's B-day

 Not a great shot of Sadie, but I love how Brandon is looking at Lindy!
 For this years costumes,
I set up a halloween store on our couches with everything in our dress up pile of junk stuff.
Luckily, everyone happily found something they wanted to be.
I spent $2 this year on Halloween costumes.
I'm very proud of this.
 Lindy, the Indian
Not Pochohantas or Sakajaweea (sp?), just an indian.
Her piano teacher lent her the awesome braids.
 Kyle, the Army Guy
Should army guys be that happy?
Shouldn't they look tough?
 Brandon, our lil' pumpkin
 Sadie, the Fairy.
She is using her magic wand in the above photo.
She wants everyone to know she's not a princess or an angel.
Just a fairy.

 Tate, the Pirate
He was very particular about having a 'stache with curls on the end.
He was also a rock star for the school parade.
Missed getting a photo of that.

Brandon discovers his great love of Candy, never to be the same again.
The day after Halloween, Brandon rolled and swam all over the family room floor in his siblings' candy.
He was soooo HAPPPYYYY! It entertained him for a long time.

Kyle also turned 8 over Halloween weekend.
Lots of fun to come as we anticipate his upcoming baptism.
He wanted a lego cake.
The photo of his cake was taken after the cake completely fell upside down on our kitchen floor,
while I was frosting it.
Nobody panicked, Kyle was cool about it, and we saved it.

He got a new navy suit, some money, the wii lego indiana jones video game,
some building tools and a make your own toolbox set from Lowes.


MollyE said...

Your kids look so cute in those pictures. I love that you only spent $2. I have got to do this. Great save on the lego cake, you couldn't tell!

Ingrid said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Brandon!