A little quiz for you

We've been:

A - Attacked by Aliens
B - Stricken with Bird Flu
C - Preparing for the End of the World
D - Tackling a Do-It Yourself Project
E - Suffering miserably from a dishwasher leak

I'm not in the mood to give you the answer today.
I might tell you someday, or I might not.

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to 2011 coming to a quick end.
My life feels a little upside down to put it mildly.

On Sunday, I've been asked to speak in our church about 'Enduring our Trials Well.'
I guess they know I'm becoming an expert on this subject.

Since laughing always makes me feel better, here is a blog that always gives me a good laugh.


MollyE said...

So, are you going to talk about enduring nursery on Sunday? That would be a good hint for the Bishop!

AmyMak said...

Oh! I'm guessing a big leak. Happened to my friend and her house looked like a war zone. She couldn't handle it with 5 small children and insurance paid for her to stay at a hotel for days. Maybe you could go there by yourself?