Where were you THAT DAY?

Do you remember where you were that day?

I was in Idaho with Chris at his mom's house.
I was about 6 mon. pregnant with Lindy.
We had just lost almost everything,
when our car (with all we owned inside) was stolen in Canada.

Chris had just graduated from dental school.
We packed everything we had in our small car to drive back west from Boston.
We stopped in Montreal for dinner, where our car was stolen, with everything in it.
We managed through a series of events to get back West,
through extended family help, rental cars, and an airplane ride home.

Hence we were in Idaho, that day, trying to figure our life out. Our future.
Where would we live?
Where would Chris work?
We were in the middle of starting from scratch. Completely. We had nothing.
Almost everything had been stolen.
Including personal documents: Degrees, marriage certificates, credit cards, etc.

Chris woke me up that morning to come watch the tv.
We were glued to the tv and watched the events unfold.

What did it all mean? What was happening?

Later in the day we did some errands. I think we even went to the temple.
The roads were empty. Life was eerily still that day.

In the evening, we went to a store to look at a stroller for our new baby on the way.
No one was in the store.  It might have just been Chris and I.
I wondered, Should we be here? Will life carry on as normal? Should I even buy a stroller?

I was just recently watching some specials on tv about that day.
People that day and today still have a lot of questions about God surrounding such circumstances.

I like this video about a man's personal story.

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MollyE said...

One of the scariest days of my life, truly. Being so close in D.C. it was a loong day waiting to see Jeremy again after he ran out of his building one block from the white house. Everybody on the streets was just running, not even knowing where to go. We have talked to our kids about it today, hoping they will remember too. Thanks for the post!