This is why he's a 'Great' Grandpa!

My grandpa who is my children's great-grandpa went swimming with his great grandkids!

I AM AMAZED!!!!!!!

Guess how old he is?
I can't tell you.
He's over 80, but not a 100. That's all I can reveal.
He specifically said he doesn't like people to know.
He's worried people might start telling him he can't do things because of his age.

He's also taken up riding a bicycle, and jogging at rest stops.
I AM AMAZED, did I tell you that, yet?

Something else kind of special about my grandpa is:
he is Thomas E. Ricks, great grandson.

To put this in perspective:
My grandpa swimming with his great grandkids is the same as
Thomas E. Ricks swimming with my grandpa.


Laura said...

LOVE this! I can't believe it...my mom just told me he started riding bikes. How awesome is he??

Heidi said...

This is great! He's awesome. So great your kids will have some fun memories with him.