Have you heard of Yachats?

We had an amazing week long vacation on the Oregon Coast in August.
It actually felt like a vacation for me, which was totally unexpected and a pleasant surprise.
A great trip for all ages. The Pacific Coast 101 highway has plenty to see and do.
We stayed at a beach house in the small town of Yachats, pronounced Ya Hots!
The town was a good central location between Florence up to Newport & Lincoln City.
We rented a house using this website.

The vacation was great because:

  • We stayed in a house not a hotel.
  • We ate our own food most of the time, from a local grocery store.
  • It was relaxing, we didn't have any schedule or fixed plans.
  • We were out in nature, the kids could do a lot of exploring.
  • It wasn't too hot or too cold.
  • The Oregon Coast is so beautiful, one of the most amazing places to see on Earth. Really.
  • I didn't have to plan or do a lot of work for this trip.
  • I just got the beach house, that was it- no flights, no amusement park tickets, no big online research, etc.


Stacey said...

Great pictures!

Ingrid said...

Katie, these pictures are beautiful! They seem to capture the beauty you described.