Dad's Day

This is an old post from June, that I'm now finally posting!

Are you noticing Chris's tie?
Does it look a little short?

Chris played a version of the newlywed game for Primary at our church.
Kyle was asked some questions about his dad.
Then Chris had to answer the questions the way he thought Kyle would answer them.
If Chris' answer was different than Kyle's answers, then they would snip parts of his tie.

How do you think Chris and Kyle did at the game?
(Chris claims he gave the wrong answers to make the game more exciting. wink, wink.)

Question #1:What does your Dad do at work?
Kyle's Answer: He cleans teeth

Question #2:What is your Dad's favorite meal?
Kyle's Answer: Spaghetti

Question #3: Is your Dad Smart or Funny?
Kyle's Answer: Smart

Question #4: What would your Dad buy with a lot of money?
Kyle's Answer: A fancy house


Karen said...

Well now I want to hear chris's answers. I hope Chris didn't like that tie!!

The Rice Pad said...

Love that last family picture with Sadie....I have one of me kind of similar it was cold, me and my friend were going to California and we stopped at the time zone sign to take pictures....well mine the wind blew at just the right time and my hair was straight up and I had the expression on my face...good memories you never know what will spark them. Thanks :)