Summer Snow

My Summer Update:

Everything is going fine.

There have been moments of great memory making, and having fun.
There has also been longer moments of kids all around me.
Having a baby, toddler, and 3 older kids make interesting challenges for a mother during a summer season.

We did some crafts, checked off things on our to-do list, did summer bingo, swam at the community pool, and did a little school work.

Mostly, it's been a summer of going to our local snow-cone stand,
or a Slushie Shack as Kyle calls it.

I used to think they were overpriced, and thought it was a splurge to go there once in a summer.

This summer, I broke my rule, we go once or twice a week.
I even got a frequent discount card.

We've tried all kinds of flavors:
Tutti-Fruiti, Butterscotch, Bubble Gum, Tiger's Blood, Kiwi, even the Suicide Flavor.

We get out of the house, cool off for a bit, and enjoy eating our Snow-Cones.
That's been the hit of our summer!

We also made our own snow-cone stand in our neighborhood.
The kids mostly did the whole thing by themselves. I was proud of them.
It was hard work and they kept busy serving a bunch of kids. I  think they had fun.


Now, we only have about 3 weeks of summer. Just right.
We have a few more memories to create, and then it's time for school again.
I will be ready and excited for my 3 oldest kids to start. But, sad to no longer visit our snow-cone stands!

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Stacey said...

wow, that place is hoppin!