And they're off. . .

to the 1st day of school, today!
Lindy, 4th grade, Mrs. Shaw
New converse shoes, so the "in" thing for girls this year, so she claims.
Kyle, 2nd grade, Mrs. Perry
Secretly told his dad, he doesn't want ham sandwiches for lunch anymore,
because I put way too much mayo on the sandwiches.

Tate, Kindergarten, Mrs. Coslett
Excited to go to school with older siblings, rode his bike the first day.
Sadie, stay home with mom year
Loved having mom to herself,
and making cookies without having to share fight over who puts in what ingredient first in the bowl.
Brandon, 8 months today!
Takes naps by himself in a crib for a significant time.
The big question is. . . will I have time to blog again?


Stacey said...

I think I had those exact same shoes Lindy has. Happy first day of school! The kids look great!

Sally said...

I love the first day of school! They all look great!

Karen said...

Oh how I miss those kids so much!!!! Thank goodness I'm seeing them in one week!! So hunter and Brandon look a lot alike in that picture of Brandon! I just wanna squeeze Sadie she is so cute! Tate looks so grown up and ready for school. And exactly like his dad to mention. Kyle looks ready to be chased by all the girls this year. Hansome little man. And Lindy looks so darling. I wanted to get some coverse all stars for hunter but they don't fit on his chubby little feet.

Janis said...

What a beautiful family! Hope it's a great year for everyone!!

Cathy said...

Lindy's hair looks so cute! I have to say I'm impressed with Shaw. Haley had her for math a few years ago. I think she must be a great teacher if Beth has Eden in there!

I haven't been to your blog in a bit. I like!!

Lisa said...

Your kids are seriously gorgeous!