Summer Strategies

It's no secret I'm a little worried about summer this year with 5 kiddies.

Here are some of my survival ideas:

The double waterslide

Lindy is taking Irish step dance and piano
Kyle is tryng tennis and piano.
Tate is doing baseball.

I bought a family pool pass for the first time.
Our city has different community pools with slides, diving boards, and LIFEGUARDS!
We can try out each pool and I'm super excited about the LIFEGUARDS!
They won't be saving my kids' life, they will saving my life this summer.

I've got my Summer Bingo pages all set up.
I think this idea is really great!
Can't wait to try it.

We will do the library summer reading program.

I'm too lazy to plan a family vacation. We will do some weekend get -a-ways to the Mtns. and Utah.

I would like to do a weekly craft or science experiment. We will see. Low expectations for this one.

Here is, my sister, Molly's summer ideas with her 4 boys.
She is going for Mother of the Year with her ideas!


Jeremy said...

Oh my, the bingo I must do!

Kristen said...

Can you email me your Bingo cards/ideas? I have one more week until school's out. This looks like a great idea.