Oprah, Tornadoes, & Brandon

Will you tune in today to watch the last Oprah show?

I've been thinking of all you affected by recent tornadoes and storms.
I have a sister, cousins and others of you who live in the Midwest.
Best to you during this time.

Chris is concerned that I've not been posting or taking enough photos of  Baby B.
He just turned 5 mon. yesterday.  I like to call him Mister and Mister B.

These are for your viewing pleasure, Chris:
Hi Dad!


MollyE said...

Yes, I will be watching Oprah. And I agree with Chris, who is this kid??? He is so adorable! More, more!

Rebecca said...

I would never have recognized Baby B. Oh my, it is a good thing you posted pictures! Cheers to Chris!I have never watched Ophrah, so didn't want to ruin my streak.

Karen said...

I'm so glad you posted picture of mister B. He looks so so different. Haylee was talking about him the other day and how little he was. She said he can't do all the things that Hunter can because he is just a little baby. And I was thinking, when we get back he is going to be crawling all around. Seeing these pics of him make me homesick. Oh, only three more months of living in tornado zone!

Stacey said...

So glad to see the pictures too! He's so grown up and I think looks a lot like Tate!

AmyMak said...

Oh my gosh i want him - he's SO cute!