Super Fast

I seem to have lost all ability to have time to do anything anymore.

Blogging, sadly for me, is now way down, down on the to-do list.

Superfast here are some quick facts about my life today:

Brandon did great w/surgery. Just great, miraculous really.
I really felt everyone's thoughts and prayers during this weekend.
It was strong, very strong. I loved it and needed it all. It was hard, very hard putting your baby in surgery. A long surgery. He is home, he seems fine, back to himself.

Summer is coming up so fast. I'm in panic mode.
Just a month away. 5 kids all summer, I'm really going to lose my mind.

The house, as usual is driving me crazy.  I want it to be clean,
I keep trying, really I do.  But the baby needs me, the 2 year old needs me, the 5 year old needs me, the 7 year old needs me, the 9 year old needs me, my husband needs me, my sisters need me from time to time, the ward needs me from time to time, etc.  So my house is not even close to the way I would like it.
Hiring a cleaning lady, doesn't solve all the problems either.  You have to clean/declutter for the cleaning lady to come!

I have allergies bad right now, sneezing, drippy nose horribly. Medicines are sleepy or bad for nursing.

I thought I had an hour last night to finally do something fun, clean up my blog a bit, maybe add a little color. WRONG! One little change led to big, major trouble w/ experimenting on my blog and of course the baby that was suppose to sleep for a good 3-4 hours, only slept for a half hour or so. He kept me up til 1 am.  Now my blog is not at all how I would like it to be.

So symbolic of my life right now.  Not at all how I would like things to be.
We are all fine, the kids are happy. But I feel streeeeeetttttttttttcccccccchhhhhhhhed to my limit.

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MollyE said...

You are amazing!!!!