Should I hope?

Should I hope baby B doesn't sleep tonight so I can watch the wedding live starting at 1 am?
Should I drink some sparkling Martinelli's and wear a fancy dress on my couch?


Sally said...

I love this!

AmyMak said...

Wear a hat with feathers!
Glad to hear all is well with Brandon, and from my end, it's very obvious you are a terrific mom. The house will look better as the pitter patter of little feet start to become helpful.

Hope you get some sleep soon!

Mikkyn said...

Hi Katie, it's Mikkyn. Remember me from Dublin.? I get to your blog through Molly's. I always enjoy reading both your blog and hers. They are so fun and entertaining and REAL. I love it! I like everything you say about life and the ups and downs and the ins and outs. You verbalize things in a great way and it's fun to read about your life. By the way, I have a Tate also and we almost named our daughter Sadie but went with Ruby instead. Funny!

Rebecca said...

Well, did baby B sleep???
How late did you stay up to watch the first kiss?