School Lunches


Kyle likes ham sandwiches only.
Lindy prefers peanut butter sandwiches.
Lately, Lindy has also requested salami sandwiches.

SALAMI??  Where did this idea come from?

Sadie at home likes peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches. (we use nutella for the chocolate)

Lindy and Kyle tell me they are popular with classmates
if they have ding dongs in their lunch for desserts.

I try to give them some form of fruit or veggie in their lunch everyday.
It comes home almost everyday uneaten.

I dislike giving my kids juice boxes everyday for lunch.
Sometimes I give them water in a bottle for lunch.
They really hate me for this.
They can buy milk at school. But, Kyle is too scared to. He's not sure where to go or how to buy it.
I tell him he can do it. He gets big eyes and tells me "NO don't do it, I don't want to buy milk."

They usually buy their lunch about once a week.
I send a check every couple a months and put it on their tab.
I could add money online put their are too many passwords and I'm lazy. Writing a check is easier.
From time to time the tab runs dry.
We get earth-shattering, panicky computer generated phone calls from the school.
"Your child, Kyle owes 12 cents to the school cafeteria, please pay us immediately."


Ryan said...

I'm still laughing!!!! I LOVE how you think and express yourself. We get one of those computer generated calls monthly....at the least! Keep on posting Katie! You keep me smiling!

Ryan said...

Okay....don't know why it reads 'Ryan' again....but it is ME...Stephanie!!!

Kathy said...

Ah, all the school lunches over the years. You summed it up nicely!

Cathy said...

Ha ha! That's too funny! I don't know about you, but we never had a drink period when we were growing up! I hate this whole drink entitlement thing! Just find a fountain!