The Family

I loved this talk by Julie B. Beck in the March Ensign.
She talked about how our children will need to understand the family.
Our children will help defend families,
and will need to understand the doctrine of the family clearly and easily.

I thought it was simple enough to do a Family Home Evening lesson on.
Simply, show 3 pictures of 1. the Creation, 2. the Fall, and 3. the Atonement.
Then, help explain why these 3 events are important to families.

1. The earth was created as a place for families to live. A beautiful place!

2. Adam and Eve were sent out of the garden to enable families to learn and grow.

3. Jesus Christ atoned for each of us. This great act enables families to live and be together forever.

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Cathy said...

I took Carlene Tanner's parenting class this past semester (Jan-Mar) and one night she talked about the doctrine of the family and referenced this talk. It was a powerful lesson! Thanks for the reminder that I need to do an FHE on this!

ps - I'm going to the parenting class for the rest of my life. If you want to go with me, let me know. It'll start in September and last for 10 weeks. Every Thursday night from 7-9. :) I LOVE it! It's more like Mommy survival class.