Sadie, Sadie

Right now Sadie loves to wear brightly colored tights with mismatched skirts.
In fact every day she wants to wear a skirt.
(Tights create a bit of a challenge for a rush to get to the toilet, esp. when I'm feeding Brandon)

She says everything is "Beauuuuuutiful".
She is positive and believes everything is exciting and fun to do!
Getting in the car, doing laundry, making dinner, getting dressed, etc.
She has a gift for believing that the glass is half full.

She likes to wear her hair in a ponytail or pig tails.
She is understanding, you can talk to her and explain things to her.
I appreciate that about her.

She just started a gymnastic class and is very proud of herself.

She is in a very cute stage of her life right now!

She will be 3 in about a month and super, duper excited about it.
She has watched everyone from siblings to cousins have b-days,
so she is good and ready for hers to come.


Karen said...

We love Sadie to bits and pieces. I don't know how we are going to survive without her all summer! Can we take her with us??!!!


She's adorable! Want to trade for Gage? Give it a day or two, and then see what kind of post we could do about him. He'll be four in July....and is in complete denial! Says he is still just a baby (which means--to him--that he doesn't have to be potty trained yet) UGH! I'd go on....but I'd just feel guilty later! Ha!