Baby Brandon

He is 3 mon. today.
(But, the photos were taken when he was 2 mon.)

Brandon is doing great.
He has started cooing and smiling when you look and talk to him.
The kids love it when he talks to them.

He is a fairly good baby,
but often cat naps during the day, and prefers I hold and carry him during the day.
He's not too fussy, but doesn't let me put him down to get much of anything done.
He goes to bed between 8-10 pm and can wake anytime between 2-7 am. No schedule yet.

He doesn't like his car seat. He cries LOUDLY for any drive 5 min. or 30 min.

I have 5 kids. I can feel it now, FOR SURE.
I'm tired and have my name yelled throughout the house all day from the kids.
I don't like the name Mom so much right now,
because it is hard to find just a min. to have a thought for myself during the day.

But, all in all, things are going just fine.
I do get some sleep at night, and have managed to load the dishwasher
and start a load of laundry again.
Those are always my 2 goals for the day.
We do okay with getting dinner on the table, when I get force the older kids to help me.

I think I'm fine, but, I think, others think I'm a wreck.

People say to me when I'm out running errands, "Boy, you sure have your hands full."
I have Sadie and Brandon only when I hear this.
Little do they know how much of a wreck I really am.

Sisters from the ward pop in unexpectedly to my house.
My hair is sticking up, no make-up, I'm in pj's still, children are hanging on my legs.
"Are you doing ok?" I respond we are doing fine and hanging in there.
Then, I was released promptly from my church calling.
One of the first signs that others think you are a wreck.

Older women from the ward often give me almost sad, frowny face looks on Sundays.
As if to say, "You're a wreck, but you'll get through this, enjoy every moment-they grow so fast."

Other older women have told me how badly they want a newborn again.
They are 80 and 70 yrs. of age.
I try to tell them they don't really, maybe for an hour.
They continue to tell me that they really do.
I decide in my mind that they must be a wreck too.

A cop pulled me over for speeding.
Brandon was screaming as usual. (Hence my accidental pedal to the metal!)
After writing the ticket, and handing it to me after several long, long minutes;
with Brandon still screaming, the cop eventually felt sorry for me.
He came back to my car and ripped up the ticket.
I had remained parked trying to get Brandon calm before putting him back in his car seat.
This is one of the perks of being a wreck.

Now, Sadie tells me to slow down. "Mom, you're going too fast."

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Oh my heck... I'm laughing my head off here! I'm sorry!

I for one look at you on Sunday and think you look fantastic! But I'm totally laughing... I know those pitiful looks. Have you had people look at you weird when you put 10 gallons of milk in your cart at Costco? Ha ha!

Guess what Katie... pretty much everyone has to do their own laundry if they want clean clothes. I'm that much of a frazzled dork I can't even keep laundry going! My poor 7 year old does his own laundry.

I hate those "you have your hands full" comments. Seriously??? With only 2 kids? This is nothin lady!

I'm so sorry you have pop ins. I hate pop ins. I'm quite often found in my dirty pj's with food stains on the sleeves and shoulders and pants from sticky hands. AND I'm NOT happy you were released from your calling! NOT ONE BIT! Not cool at all.

I am glad to hear you got out of your speeding ticket though.

Katie - I miss you! I guess we'll just have to talk via your blog. Hope the surgery goes well for your little man.