Kyle turns 7! (& his labor story)

 The Frankenstein Cake!

Attacking his presents!
This present is a new basketball.
He plays basketball at recess and has joined a Y b-ball team.
He practices once a week, and has games on Saturday.
He loves it!

 Ooh La La. . .money from Grandma and Grandpa
 The pogo stick. The dentist in the family is worried about this new toy!
It's great having Kyle in our family.
I can't believe he is 7!

Here is a picture of me in labor with Kyle.
I was at the hospital walking the halls.
In a robe, in pain, with people staring at me.
Earlier in the day, labor -painful contractions started at 8 in the morning.
Chris was home from work that day.
We went to Krispy Kreme for donuts with Lindy, who was not quite 2.
We came home I did laundry and dishes.
2 things most moms in labor do when they are home;
waiting for things to get bad enough before you go to the hospital.
We went to the hospital later in the afternoon.
Lindy went to a friend's house.

Labor progressed and became intense after this photo was taken.
I was admitted to an "official" labor room.
The pain became unbearable, I had a mean nurse.
I requested my first epidural. 
I repeat: IT DIDN'T WORK!
The nurse was still mean.
I clung to the bed frame for my life.
I dilated to the full 10, it was time to push.
The nurses had a shift change.
Now, I had a nice nurse.
After 45 min. of this and no baby.
The nice nurse put me in all kinds of strange positions to PUSH.
On my side, on my other side, legs up, hold to a bar,
put a sheet on a bar-hold onto a sheet that is on a bar.
Hilarious, not at the moment, but now looking back Hilarious!
"Hmmm. . .Let me go get the dr."
The dr. comes in and says "Let's have a baby!"
Kyle came out!
About 8 in the evening. (I can't remember the exact time)

Isn't he so cute? I loved, loved all his dark, hair.
 He was a great looking baby.
The next morning when I was still in the hospital,
a nurse came in my room to give me Kyle.
She was about to hand him to me, when another nurse came running in-
asked the nurse to come out of my room-they had a discussion in the hall.
There was a baby mix up. The nurse was about to hand me the wrong baby!
I'm so glad they cleared it up.
We brought Kyle home on Halloween!
We have enjoyed these last 7 years with him very much.



I love hearing labor stories--I don't know why--I just do! A handsome little guy (then and now)!

Stacey said...

Wow, can't believe Kyle is 7! You always have such cute cakes.