The Purse

This year for my b-day I was excited and in the mood to get a new purse as a present to myself.

It took a long time, to find just the right one.
I looked at a lot of different stores.
I made a list of all the things I wanted in a purse and took the list with me to the stores.

It is easy to get distracted with so many purse choices, and get excited about just a color, a pocket, or buckle, etc. only to come home with a purse that doesn't fit your needs at all.

I was strict and stuck to the list.
Here is what I came home with and I LOVE IT, really LOVE IT!
My life has changed, my purse is organized - thus my life is organized, and it makes me very happy.
I can actually find what I need now; in my suitcase, I mean purse.

First off, I love the red. I love red. A nice change from my boring black, brown purses.
The shiny, fake leather is great.
It is a lightweight purse. This is a great feature for a purse.
I got it at JCPenny's.

 This purse gives me 2 pockets on each side: 1- for my seeing eye glasses 2- for sunglasses.
 This front pocket on the outside of the purse is for keys and cell phone only.
That's it, nothing else.  I can always find my keys now.
 The middle zipper pocket is for receipts.
I am more aware of stopping after a purchase and putting the receipt in it's proper place.
It takes about 20 sec. to do this.
Life changing.
In my old purses receipts were everywhere -Annoying and bad when I needed to do returns.
 On the inside of the purse is a fairly small zipper compartment for my health, beauty, first aid section.
Lotion, band aids, lipstick, sunscreen, fingernail clippers, elastic for girl's hair, sanitizer, etc.
 This shows my 2 large compartments:
1 side will be the diaper/baby section.
When I have a newborn I always bring in my purse:
diaper rash lotion
changing pad
light weight blanket
burp cloth
extra baby outfit
nursing pads

The other side will have my stuff.
Any extra things I would need and a wallet.

This section in the photo below- I can put pens, kleenex, and a couple of small doo dads (whatever that may be. Moms end up with all kinds of doo dads in their purses.) The small zipper pocket is for emergency gum, suckers & candy (I collect these from the bank or other businesses that give candy to my kids). When children misbehave or need to be bribed I can access this pocket quickly.

 The matching wallet I got for free at our monthly dust collector group.


Amanda said...

I've never been a purse person, so I just stick my wallet in the diaper bag. But then on the rare occasion when I go somewhere by myself, what to do? Anyway, I'm curious if you take a purse and diaper bag with you wherever you go?

Katie said...

No, my purse is my diaper bag.

I don't like diaper bags. Never have.
I've always had a large purse to put the baby stuff in.

I only have 1 bag with me.

MollyE said...

This is a very serious purse post. I loved all the pictures!

Rebecca said...

You did such a sales job, I think I am going to have to go to Penney's and find this purse!

Cathy said...

Yes, I would like this purse as well. I've had a love/hate relationship with purses. I always go back to just a wallet and my pockets. I seriously want to give this one a try! Does it have straps that are big enough that you can put it on your shoulder, and the purse won't sit in your armpit? And I LOVE the shiny red! Now I just need to find time to go shopping. :(