German Pancakes

I like to make German pancakes from time to time on Sat. mornings.
I like mine round, and sweetened with lemon juice and powdered sugar.
Almost like a dessert more than a breakfast.
With the eggs in it, though, I feel great eating it for breakfast.

Here is my recipe:
(There are so many variations to this recipe, but these ingredients seem to work,
it seems to fluff just about right, and always tastes good to me and the family.)

Heat oven to 425.

Place 1-2 Tbs. butter in a glass pie pan. Place glass pie pan with butter in oven to let butter melt.

6 eggs
1 c. flour
1 c. milk

Pour 1/2 to 3/4 c. of batter into pie pan on top of the melted butter.
(the batter should cover the bottom of the pan).
Bake for about 7 min. The edges will curl up, and the pancake should be golden brown.
Each time I pour batter into the pan to make another pancake, I put another tbs. of butter in the glass  pie pan, often letting it melt first before I pour in the batter.

I can't remember how many pancakes this recipe makes. Maybe 5-6 pancakes?

Sometimes my family has a hard time waiting for their pancake.
I often do 2 pie pans at once in the oven.

-Recipe adapted from Monica Bird from a church, ward cookbook.


MollyE said...

You know what I love about your blog? You suprise me all the time with things that you are doing in your life. I had no idea you made German pancakes. How fancy!

Katie said...

Hmm they are really good, and not fancy at all.

I'm glad you and all my sisters blog too.
Ditto, to each of you about all the interesting things you do from day to day!