A Family Update

  • Exercising Regularly - Biking, Running, using an elliptical machine (Getting ready for holiday food?)
  • Keeping steady at his dental practice - He enjoys his patients, & they appreciate his work.
  • Tells me regularly he's too old to raise kids

  • Getting bigger every minute - reached point of "I can't be pregnant 1 more day"
  • Just about done with Christmas shopping, because it hurts to waddle in stores.
  • Started listening to Christmas music
  • Reached point of not sleeping, stays up late watching tv show Numb3rs.

  • Loving School, reading books all the time
  • Taking piano lessons
  • Helpful around house, nice to be around
  • Has a remarkable gift for sensing when adults or children are sad or lonely and need a little cheerful boost

  • Our athlete who is playing basketball on a team and LOVES it.
  • He's taking gymnastics for boys only - they rock climb, jump into pits of foam, trampoline, do floor exercises, etc.
  • Likes school too & learning to read
  • He only checks out disgusting insect/bug books at the school library

The boys together:
  • Have begun fighting, wrestling, punching, kicking each other to play fight?
  • Have gotten very loud and aggressive.
  • I tell them "Take it outside, GO TO THE BASEMENT" My request is ignored.
  • I'm worried we have years of this ahead, with a broken house, bones, & black eyes
  • I think this is why Chris has begun regular exercise and tells me he is too old to raise kids.

  • Loves, loves preschool
  • Takes same gymnastic class with Kyle, which he loves just as much as preschool
  • Excited for SNOW! (In his photo he is wearing his snow pants, ski helmet, and goggles)
  • Likes to get dinosaur books with pictures of T'rex's attacking and blood is part of the picture.

  • Loves all things doll and baby, very excited for new baby to come
  • Moved into a BIG girl bed, now shares a room with Lindy -Very content & excited about this.
  • Just discovered Disney princesses and ballerinas, into dressing up and dancing
  • Loves, make-up and lotion. Must put it on every day and lots of it.

Baby #5:
  • Very active, kicking me all the time
  • Giving me lots of Braxton Hicks
  • Has 1 enlarged kidney and 1 good, working kidney (according to specialists this is not life threatening)
  • Will come home from hospital when born (No intensive care necessary)
  • Will be tested at about 6 weeks of life, to determine cause of blockage to kidney
  • If cause is serious then minor surgery will be performed at about 6 mon. to correct problem

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