Spray Gel

I like to use spray gel on my boys' hair.
Some of you moms like to use water bottles to do your boys hair.

I prefer spray gel. It gives a little glue on those "Alfalfa" mornings.
I like spraying it on their heads, instead of gooping my hands with gel or mousse.

I can easily spray it on their heads while they are eating breakfast and they don't notice as much.
Except, sometimes they complain that their cold cereal tastes like gel.

Hair spray seems too girly,
and not enough coverage on those bad, sticking-up, stray hairs.
It doesn't matter the brand. I just buy the cheap stuff.   LA Looks, Garnier, etc.
Sometimes it's hard to find spray gel. Keep looking I think it's worth it.


Karen said...

good to know. I'll keep this in mind when Hunter grows a little hair on his bald head

Kristen said...

I love this stuff. Bought it for my curly haired daughter but use it more for my little boy.