Answering all of the Pregnancy questions

The baby is due in January. It was planned.  I'm not super thrilled about a January baby. I'm a germ-a-phobe and feel very nervous about having a baby in cold/flu season. (Although, lately it seems that cold/flu season lasts all year anyway.)

One good thing about having a Jan. baby is when Sadie was due in May; my winter was long and hard being pregnant with her.  This pregnancy I have enjoyed summer. When I get big & uncomfortable, Fall and Christmas will be positive things to help keep my mind off things, and get through the last hard months of pregnancy. About 6 mons. through I always feel done, and that I can not make it one more day.

March or April would have been a little better to have the baby. But, when these little spirits decide it's time to come, they come. Speaking of this new little person coming to our family.  It was hard to decide if we should have another baby.  There seemed to be many good reasons to be content and happy with the 4 children we have now.  I did feel like this new little baby was anxious to join our family, and I had to keep saying,"Not now, not yet, wait your turn." It felt like when you are trying to make dinner, or work on something like the laundry and you have a little kid driving you crazy wanting something that second. You tell the child to wait just a minute and they keep hanging on your leg, crying, or begging you to stop what you're doing and help them. That's what it felt like, and now it's finally his/her turn.
I am still adjusting and preparing my mind for this undertaking of raising a family.

I'm about 17 weeks. At the end of Aug. we will have the ultrasound.
We are planning to be surprised and not find out the sex of the baby, until the dr. declares it in the delivery room!  (Sorry mom, I know you're not thrilled with this idea.) I think it is exciting, and I think I can go the distance - not knowing.  We are 2 for 2. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. If I had a choice I would say I want a girl, just simply because I'm a girl.  When Sadie and Lindy do something I usually understand why they are doing it and can relate. When Kyle and Tate do things I look at them and wonder why they are doing that. We now wait to see if the girls will win or if the boys will win for the family. We have no names picked out either way and very open to ideas and suggestions.

I'm feeling for the most part fine, except very hungry. VERY HUNGRY. I'm in a constant debate if I should eat all the time or restrain and try to keep my weight under control. I try to nap once a day. In the beginning I felt a little nauseated, but nothing too bad.  I've just started wearing maternity clothes. That makes me feel a little embarrassed. Because when I'm out in public with all 4 kids I feel silly looking pregnant.

I have learned over the years that a pregnancy announcement causes many mixed emotions for women.
Some of us are anxious to be pregnant and for various reasons have not had the opportunity, others of us are wondering if we should or shouldn't be pregnant, some of us feel complete with our families but still love newborns and miss that season of our life. Some of us have health concerns, sometimes other children are taking up more energy and time than we ever imagined, some husbands feel completely maxed out, and the list could go on and on.

Whatever we are feeling, know that you are all doing your very best. Heavenly Father is mindful of each of your needs, wants, and desires.  This time on earth really is quite short, if we do our very best we can have all of our family dreams -small or large- come true.  That's why the simple statement "Families are Forever" means so very much to each of us.

I do get asked from time to time from strangers, and close family members, "How many children do you and Chris want? Are you done? Will you have more? Are you going to have 6?"

The answer is I don't know. I never planned on a set number of kids because when we had a hard time with pregnancy in our early years of marriage I just considered one pregnancy was a miracle in itself.
Later, I learned that life throws you lots of curve balls and surprises.
One day at a time, one child at a time.


Heidi said...

Congrats! I love this post for lots of reasons. Thanks for sharing.


Well said. Congrats again!

Tricia said...

Yay. I enjoyed reading this and having "lunch" with you today. :)