Library Prizes

Now we have 4 goldfish, thanks to our summer library reading program. 
The prize did not include fish food, tank, rocks, castle, chemicals, etc.
The kids are thrilled since I'm not a pet mom, this is the extent of my pet abilities.

The library also gave my kids a free Sizzler meal as another prize.
They get a free Sizzler meal every year in the Summer.
It has become a tradition.
I'm thrilled, I have a secret love for Sizzler.
Who would admit that? ME!

I worked there in High School, and still like the place.
I can't wait to grow old and be a Senior Citizen eating at Sizzler.


Karen said...

That is so funny. Weston always wants to eat there and I refuse every time. I guess I should give it a chance though.

MollyE said...

I have not eaten at Sizzler since I worked there at 16. The sizla!