Nate's Interior Design Tips

"Transform the Place You Live Into a Place You'll Love"

Again, I really enjoyed this book, I read it over the weekend, and enjoyed going through it again to prepare this post.  I thought everything was realistic and it made me feel calm about getting ideas/tips for decorating my home. He gives some basic ideas for how to start. He has some quick tips for each room of your home and ideas you can do in an hour, a day, or a weekend.

These are some things that I liked from his book:

"Decorating your home isn't something you have to take on all at once or with a big bank balance."

"The most important first steps are deciding which changes will make the most impact
and bring you the most pleasure and which can wait."

Ask yourself:
  1. What do you love? A scene in a book, a postcard, your favorite song, a piece of art in a museum? Use those emotional feelings in your home.
  2. What kind of surroundings make you happy?
  3. Where would you take your dream vacation? Could you translate that feeling into your home?
  4. What's your favorite color? Open a box of crayons, pick the 1st color that catches your eye.
Use Mother Nature.  Bring the outdoors inside. Use fresh flowers in your home more.

He believes we should have nice sheets for our beds, plush towels and pillows we love to sleep on.
Splurge a little on these items, build up over time, & you don't have to buy them all at once.

If there are some things that you love about staying in a fantastic hotel, then add those ideas to your own bedroom and bathroom. You should feel a little like being on vacation in your bedroom.

"Making mistakes is the only way to discover what you like"

4 is the magic # when working with color.   Begin with 1 central color. (Usually a wall color, but it could be a rug, your furniture, or window treatments) Then introduce 3 more colors. On a pillow, an accessory, a picture, wall trim, etc.

Use the colors in your clothes closet for inspiration.
If you love wearing that color you will love having that color in your home.

1 light fixture in a room can't serve all your needs. Use multiple sources.

"Family memories should fill the halls and walls of your home"

Think about how you really use the room. If you watch tv in there, plan for it.
If you do homework in there, make space for it. If kids play with toys in this room, no matter how often you move them to a different room-make a place for the toys to be kept.
If guests come to visit and you need seating for 10+ then plan accordingly.
If this space is where the clutter piles up, make a place for the paperwork and little stuff, don't ignore it.
Don't decorate a room on a fantasy of how you might use the room.
Have a reality check and plan how you really use the space.

"Create a place for everything, from tv remotes to house keys. If something doesn't have a home, it's sure to get lost or become clutter."

"Keep it organized-find room for everyday essentials such as papers, bills, shoes, etc."

Sheet counts between 200-400 will serve you well. It's best if you can feel the sheet in the store, to see if you love the way it feels.
Sheets with a polyester blend will make you feel hot and uncomfortable.
Cotton is the general fabric of choice.

"Make your bed everyday. You'll feel organized and accomplished right from the start."

"Your home should be a beautiful reflection of who you are and what you love"


AmyMak said...

I love this post and will refer to it often! I think I need to check out the book.

Karen said...

I'm sure I would love this book. Lots of great tips.