Have you heard about Flat Stanley?

The little I know is that it's a children's book series, he's flat and travels all over the world.
You can read more about it on this website.
The website looks fun, it might be an idea for summer if you need an activity to do with your kids.

In Lindy's classroom at school, each student made their own flat person.
Lindy made Flat Lilly.

Then every student sent their flat person to a different place around the world.
Their flat person was taken in photographs to see where they've been,
and then sent back to school with a letter to hear about their adventures.

Flat Lilly went to Birmingham, Alabama to visit her Uncle Ryan.

Here are a couple pictures of Flat Lilly:

This is Flat Lilly standing outside a famous church where Martin Luther King Jr. gave speeches.

Downtown Birmingham, Alabama

A famous statue

Lindy loved the project.
Thanks Uncle Ryan for taking great photos, and helping Lindy out.
She thought it was great, and we did too.

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