"For such a time as this"

This is a picture of Stephanie Nielson.
I've been following her story.
She started a blog, about being a mother.
Many people started reading her blog for her humor & optimism about motherhood.
She has 4 children all about my kids' ages.

She was in a terrible plane crash that almost took her life.
She was badly burned and is still recovering.
 She has been blogging about her journey through the tragedy.
If you can read her current post on her blog this week,
I think she needs us to remember her these next few days.

A while back, she had an opportunity to be on the Oprah show.
I hadn't watched Oprah in a long time, but tuned it to watch her.
I thought it was very well done.
 A great tribute to her and for all mothers, homes, husbands, and families.
She looked beautiful, was calm & even a little quiet, but boldly shared her glad message.
She is a light.

They did a segment of the show in her own home.
I noticed Stephanie had a picture of Queen Esther in her room.
She reminds me of Esther.
I think Stephanie was born into "the kingdom for such a time as this".

Being on the earth now to teach us the importance of motherhood, home, and family.
She's great at teaching all of us the "sacredness"(this is the word Oprah used on the show)
of being at home with our kids.
I'm grateful for NieNie's example to each of us.

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AmyMak said...

I think she needs our prayers too. Thanks for the post and reminder.