Happy Mother's Day from my children

Kyle said these things from an interview at school.
These are his own words, without prompting:

My mom has earrings and is 4 feet tall.
Her favorite food is milkshakes.
I think my mom looks funny when she sings.
She always laughs when I go crazy.
I love when my mom tickles me!
I would like my mom to play with me everyday.
I wouldn't trade my mom for a toy.

Lindy made me this:
When she gave it to me at home she bent over several times in the same position so I would understand how she drew it and what it is a picture of. I thought it was quite creative!

She gave me some coupons for her to help me around the house,
and told me 10 things she loves about me: (in her own words)

  1. I cook for her.
  2. I let her have brothers and sisters 
  3. I make her happy
  4. I keep her safe
  5. I married a nice dad
  6. I gave her life
  7. I share
  8. I help her go to school
  9. I love her
  10. I wash her clothes

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Karen said...

I love that you wear earrings, are 4 feet tall and wouldn't be traded. Glad you kids love you so much!!