Where we've been. . .

We went to Disneyland for a couple of days this past week!
It was a quick trip.
We did the give-a-day, get-a-day program. (We all got a free admission to Disneyland!)

As you can tell from Lindy's expression, we had a great time!
We didn't take many family pictures, because it was too hard to get everyone to be still and smile.

Plus, the disney characters were always going towards other kids,
and Tate wore a big hat so you couldn't see his face most of the time.
Maybe that's why Pluto was trying to hug some other kid instead of Tate.
Will post more about our trip later, 
gotta do laundry and get back to real life!

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What fun! So glad you could enjoy some time away....good luck getting back into the swing of things!