Adventures in couponing!

I think I might try couponing. . .think and might are the key words.
I ordered just 1 Sunday paper subscription.
(It turns out the mega-super-crazy-coupon ladies order 5+ Sunday papers.)
I'm going to start small.
I purchased a binder to organize my coupons.
I tried to organize my coupons on Mon. morning, but Tate kept counting them;
and Sadie walked all over them.
Next, I looked at my friends' coupon blog. They do a great job with their blog!

Then tonight, I began the adventure at Target. I love Target!
This is a great excuse to shop at Target. Even Chris was excited for me to head out the door!

I bought toilet paper and laundry soap with coupons, those 2 products were also on sale too.
Coupons + Sale = a good deal according to the "coupon lady experts".
Then when I purchased the toilet paper and soap, Target gave me a $5 gift card. That seemed nice.

I also bought ice cream on sale at Target too, with a coupon, if I bought 5 things of ice cream, then Target gave me another $5 gift card. That seemed nice, too. Except now I have a lot of ice cream.

Then, I took everything out to the car, and went back to Target with my gift cards.
That was my mistake, I should have gone straight home.
I had way too much fun looking at everything that cost more than $10. I bought some clothes for myself, and when I came home they didn't fit me anyway.

I hope Chris isn't reading this.
He was encouraging me to try couponing, but now he will discourage it.
But, we can enjoy eating ice cream!
Anybody have a coupon to join a gym? I think I'm going to need it.

Dedicated to the Fabulessly Fru'Gals': Cathy and Monica

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