Spring General Conference Highlights

A Hopeless Dawn, by Frank Bramley

What did you think of General Conference? 
I felt overall, I need to be a better parent & mother.
Here are some of my favorite quotes from my notes.
(These quotes do not come from the lds website)

The above painting was used in Pres. Monson's easter message. I really liked the painting.
Even though it shows sadness, grieving, and mourning.
I think that's okay, because life can be like that. 

Truly, as we take a closer look at our world, there is “a grand design” 
that can only have been created by a “grand designer".
Pres. Monson

A good woman knows there isn't enough time and energy to do all that our hearts want to do.
We can prioritize through personal revelation.
Sis. Beck

I loved the story of William Tyndale by Elder Christofferson.
Can someone please make a good movie of his story?

I need to teach my children how to fish, not just give them fish to eat.
Elder Bednar

The end is better than the beginning.
Elder Foster

Mother, Father are you there?
Elder Hales

Martha's story
I can't remember the speaker's name

The FairyTale talk
given by Pres. Uchtdorf at the general YW's mtg.

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