Lindy's Beauty Parlor

Lindy has opened up a beauty parlor to raise money for the March of Dimes.

Chris and Tate are in the background waiting area.
She has set up all of her supplies. You can see her busy at work.

As you can see from Sadie's crazy, bump in the back of her hair, she needs a new "do" for sure!
Luckily, Lindy can rescue this bad hair do.

Lindy also does massages.

In the picture below, Aunt Karen is sporting a wonderful new hair style.

Hair Styles and "Do"s are 10 cents
Massages are 15 cents


Sally said...

What a cute idea! Sounds like I visited a week too early.

MollyE said...

Does she do boy's hair?

Rebecca said...

Sounds like I visted a week too late!