If you have the wii,

then you can download movies from home to your tv using a netflix account!

We tried it this week, for the first time. It was easy and fun!
I recommend it! Click here for more details.

There are a lot of kid and family movies to choose from, and great movies from the past.
There aren't as many new release movies, yet.
But, in time, this will be the way we all "rent" movies.
No more video stores, buying DVD's, using VCR's, or even mailing dvd's.
Seriously, don't  buy any more DVD's, it's going all digital now.

I love having a movie library with the click of a button! You can also download and watch tv shows too.
(Should we start watching the tv show Lost?)

If you don't have the wii, there are other ways you can download movies from home to your tv.
Just click on netflix to find which way works for you and your home.

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