I spammed

Last week, my email without my knowledge spammed many of you. I don't even know what spamming is. I'm very sorry.  I reported the problem to msn, and then without telling/warning/discussing/alerting me msn shut down my entire email account.

I was distressed for a moment or two, then decided to let it go, and not waste any more time on the issue.

I have a new email account: lunchwithkatie@gmail.com

I lost all my email addresses, when they shut down my account.
If you would like for me to have your email address you can email me at the above new address or
include your email in a comment.

Again, I'm sorry. I love/hate technology.

P.S. Last week was spring break, and when I catch a moment this week I'll get to posting regularly again.

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MollyE said...

spam... gross! Love the pictures. Spam is everywhere in Hawaii, isn't that weird? They serve it in restaurants! I will be sending you the bill for our computer asap. Yes, please get back to posting regularly. Somebody has to keep blogging! PS. I loved all the food you brought over. You are a very talented chef. Yum!